MIAMS Mediation Long eaton

Are you fighting with your ex partner a lot? Is it effecting your families relationships? Do you want to have a resolution outside of court?

MIAMS Mediation Long Eaton is proud to offer effective long lasting dispute resolution. We can help you TODAY!

Resolve Family Disputes FAST

Are you fed up of fighting with your ex partner?

Following a divorce or separation relationships can be really rocky.

You and your ex partner could be unable to reach agreements on finances, child arrangements – sale of the marital home and more.

Help is at hand. MIAMS family mediation Long Eaton are proven to be able to resolve disputes in a timely manner without the need for court proceedings.

If you are struggling to reach agreements with your ex partner then family mediation sessions are the best plan forward. All our mediators are accredited and part of the family mediation council so you can assured of their ability to resolve your case.

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Why is Mediation is preferable to court?

Mediation sessions are often a better option than going to court to settle disputes with an ex partner because it can be faster, less expensive, and less adversarial.

Instead of the lengthy and costly process of going to court, mediation allows both parties to discuss their issues in a private setting with the help of a neutral family mediator. This allows for open communication between both parties, encouraging creative solutions that could work for both people involved.

It also allows for more flexibility in decision-making, since the mediation process is not bound by legal rules or formalities. Overall, mediation can be more beneficial than going to court when trying to sort family disputes with an ex partner.

Are you worried about the cost of mediation?

Here at MIAMS Mediation Long Eaton we understand that after a separation or divorce money concerns can be very high. We are proud to offer a simple one pricing structure with no surprise costs EVER.

Out court forms are also signed off at a set fees as well.

You may also be eligible for legal aid mediation dependent on your income or circumstances. We are also happy to accept the family mediation voucher scheme here you can access up to £500 in joint mediation sessions. Legal aid mediation is best value way to resolve a family dispute quickly.

Are you unable to sit in the same room as your ex partner?

It is not uncommon for emotions to run high during times of conflict. However, MIAMS Mediation in Long Eaton provides two alternative solutions.

The first is online mediation, which allows you to complete the entire process from the comfort of your home using your smart device. This eliminates the need to be physically present in the same room.

It’s a fantastic option that saves you from taking time off work, arranging childcare, and offers flexible appointment times. Additionally, we also offer shuttle mediation, which can also be conducted online.

If there has been a history of domestic abuse or if either party could be at risk, the online mediation session will be conducted via Zoom. This ensures that you and your ex will not have to directly interact, as each of you will be in separate Zoom rooms, communicating individually with the accredited family mediator.

Stop worrying – start mediation today!