MIAMS Mediation Edgbaston

Here at MIAMS Mediation Edgbaston we are proud to offer family mediation services to ensure you and your ex partner reach an amicable resolution with regards to child access, finances, the family home and so much more.

Resolve Your Disputes With MIAMS Mediation Edgbaston

MIAMS Mediation Edgbaston is an amazing organisation dedicated to helping separated couples resolve family disputes through mediation.

We are committed to providing professional and friendly service in a safe and respectful environment, offering practical advice and support to help people find better outcomes for their family situations.

Our approach is focused on the best interests of all parties involved, enabling them to reach mutually beneficial resolutions that take into account the needs, wishes, and values of each individual.

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MIAMS Mediation Edgbaston is the perfect choice to resolve financial and family disputes following divorce or separation because of our experienced mediators of dispute resolution professionals follow family law with our family team.

From finances to child arrangements we can help NOW. Book your family mediation Birmingham and attend mediation information assessment meeting here before you go forward to joint sessions.

MIAMS in the West Midlands knowledge and expertise ensures that you will receive the best possible advice and support throughout the mediation process.

We understand that these issues can be complex and sensitive, so they provide a confidential and non-adversarial service, allowing both parties to move forward together.

Furthermore, here at MIAMS Mediation Edgbaston offers a range of services tailored to each individual’s needs, from online sessions to face-to-face ones, giving them the flexibility they need during this difficult time.

All our family mediator are part of the family mediation council and we are able to accept the  legal aid family mediation voucher, making it easier for anyone to access our service.

We are dedicated to helping all our clients and we strive to be able to offer mediation services so we accept the family mediation voucher scheme and Legal Aid and our accredited family mediators help to resolve disputes via mediation session.