Family Mediation Burton On Trent

Are you feeling overwhelmed after a divorce or separation? 

Are you struggling to find resolutions for financial and child-related disputes? 

Uncertain about dividing finances or deciding when and how to sell the family home? 

Perhaps you’re unsure about the custody of the family pet or you simply want more time with your children?

MIAMS Mediation Burton On Trent have proven track record of helping couples reach resolution contact us NOW

Resolve Family Disputes With MIAMS Burton On Trent

Professional and Experienced Mediators

MIAMS Mediation Burton On Trent is the best solution for you to resolve your conflicts privately without the need to go to court and save money and time because it offers a safe, confidential and impartial space for both parties involved in a dispute to come together in order to find an amicable resolution.

Family mediation follows a proven mediation process following family law to help preserve family relationships. Through out the mediation sessions our accredited mediators understand that family matters and when child custody is discussed the family mediators and family law solicitors in Burton Upon Trent all understand the best interests of a child are paramount.

This process eliminates the need for expensive legal fees, lengthy court sessions, and allows each party to have their voice heard and negotiate terms that are agreeable to all involved.

Additionally, this service provides access to qualified mediators with experience in resolving disputes who can facilitate a fair discussion between both sides and aid them in finding a compromise.

This makes MIAMS Mediation Burton On Trent an ideal choice for those looking for a cost-effective and efficient way of settling their conflicts.

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Family disputes that can be resolved via MIAMS mediation Burton On Trent include conflict between family members over a variety of topics, such as finances, property disputes, parenting arrangements, care for elderly or disabled relatives, and end of life decisions.

MIAMS mediators can also help to resolve disputes related to wills and estates, as well as cohabitation agreements.

The benefits of choosing MIAMS Mediation Burton On Trent over going to court to resolve disputes include the following: 

1. Cost: Mediation is typically a much cheaper alternative than going to court as it often requires fewer hours and costs less in legal fees. 

2. Flexibility: Mediation allows for more flexible terms since both parties can negotiate a resolution that works best for both of them. 

3. Privacy: Mediation is private, allowing for a confidential process and helping both parties to feel secure in knowing that their dispute will remain confidential. 

4. Time-Saving: Mediation is usually much faster than going through the court system as it can be completed in one or two sessions (or even a single day), whereas court proceedings often take months or years to complete. 

5. Collaborative Process: Mediation encourages collaboration between the two parties involved as they come together to try and reach an agreement about their dispute(s). This helps create a sense of understanding as well as trust between the two sides, which can reduce animosity over time.